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Site design a few years ago was not the same as it is today. Back then websites we're relatively simple and anyone could design a simple website. Nowadays is different, in order to get around and make a name for yourself you must have a website that is not only your own but a website that looks good as well.

When you compare the internet to real life it seems that the two are very similar. In a sense your blog is like your appearance in real life. Think about this, if people see your blog as how you are in person, then all the rules apply with a website. That first impression has to be important, it accounts for everything.

When someone first visits your website they do not know what to expect. They have no idea what is going to pop up on that loading page in front of them. They are going to judge you by the way your website looks. If they do not like the way it looks then click goes the back button and they are gone, in most cases forever.

Everything is based on appearance. It doesn't matter how much content you have and how much information you offer your readers. Chances are if your website does not appeal to your visitors then they are not going to get that far as to even read your blog. All that work will be for nothing.

I know that this is not the way the world should be run but it's never going to change. Even if you don't judge something on the way it looks, everyone else is still going to, and believe me I know this from personal experience. I'm sure you know this as well.

This is why I stress that you carefully take into consideration the way your blog looks. If your blog looks good then you are going to get more readers. If it appeals to people and looks nice then you are going to make money online. If you website does not, well then chances are it will do everything except for what I mentioned above.

Go get a nice design. Dont be afraid to ask for help and fork out some cash for a unique theme. Heck, there are even literally millions of free Wordpress themes out there just waiting for you. All you have to do is put in the effort. Enough said.

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Posted in Web Design Post Date 12/21/2015