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What I think of Web 2.0 to be is the next step in the WWW evolving into a more dynamic networking platform. Where web 1.0 was more for browsing and reading (users we're on standby) web 2.0 makes the www more interactive and relevant. We the users have become contributors to a platform that defines what we want to see or feel.

How so?

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If we use the analogy of movies in 2D versus movies that are being shown 3D we can make the visual comparisons right away. The image on the screen comes to life in 3D and makes viewing the movie move beyond the traditional experience. If we relate this to Web 1.0 versus Web 2.0 I can see the difference in how the WWW is evolving. It seems like the WWW is getting it's "Second Life" if you will and we are part of that evolvement. It's taking the static concept of web social networking to the next level of user contribution and interaction.

What is the technology behind Web 2.0?

"The complex and evolving technology infrastructure of Web 2.0 includes server-software, content-syndication, messaging-protocols, standards-based browsers with plugins and extensions, and various client-applications. These differing but complementary approaches provide Web 2.0 with information-storage, creation, and dissemination capabilities that go beyond what the public formerly expected of Web sites.

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