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For music backers, there has never been a better time than the present...

For music backers, there has never been a better time than the present to explore and discover new artists and music. A large number of music titles are presently available for digital download or streaming to numerous devices over numerous digital services and the numbers continue to grow every day.

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These services fall into three basic categories : Web radio stations like Pandora and Slacker radio ; social music subscription services like Rdio and Spotify ; and music cloud storage / music stores like the Amazon MP3, Google Music Beta and Apple's iCloud music service.

Stream On

Net radio stations often offer a basic free music service that let's you listen to stations you can individualize by selecting a genre of music, fave artists or songs. Using your selections, a "station" is formed that plays that music and other music like your selections.

You can further refine the service's selections by voting, therefore improving future ideas over time . Once you take the time to customize these services, I've found listening to be very agreeable much more enjoyable than any commercial radio station I've run across and with some commercial interruption.

The free service is ad-supported. It allows a limited number of skips per hour for song suggestions that disagree with your music palate and limits how many hours per month you can listen. A paid subscription service is available ; it is ad-free and allows an infinite number of song skips and listening.

These services need a consistent Internet connection and use lots of data. It is advised that you use these services over WiFi or have an unrestricted information plan, which is increasingly rare since carriers are moving toward tiered data plans for new shoppers and throttling unlimited information plans for existing customers.

Social Studies

The social music subscription services allow you to select the precise music you would like to play and permit you to listen from the web or your mobile Web connected gizmo. You can listen by streaming or downloading the music to your computer or mobile gadget.

They also permit you to follow friends and others for music suggestions and discovery (Rdio) and easily share music with buddies using social networks (Spotify).

The features and music catalogue vary from service to service, but basically offer unlimited streaming of music to your PC for a price, sometimes $4.99. A premium service ($9.99) permits you unlimited streaming of music, access to the whole catalogue via a mobile application (Android, Blackberry and iOS) and an offline mode where you can download music locally to your device so that the music is available offline, so long as you maintain an active subscription.

Ears In The Clouds

The final major class of digital music service is a product class that was recently introduced and is in large part still in ongoing development. These hybrid cloud storage locker/music services represent what many believe is the way forward for music on the Web.

These Web music storage lockers / music services have been announced by Apple, Amazon and Google.

Of the three services that've been pronounced, the Amazon MP3 and Cloud Storage service is the only one currently available to the public. The Amazon music service offers a fully realized MP3 DRM (digital rights management) free music store joined with the Amazon Cloud Drive. The Cloud Drive is off-site storage that is maintained by Amazon and accessed by users over the Internet.

Any music bought from the Amazon store can be instantly added to your cloud storage and does not count toward your storage allotted by Amazon. Music bought outside the Amazon store must be uploaded to your storage locker to be available on their service.

Amazon provides 5GB of free storage, approximately enough storage to hold 1,000 songs or 2,000 stills. Additional storage can be bought from 20- to 1,000-GB plans for an additional $1 per gig, every year.

Google Music is presently in Beta and available by invitation only. Right now Google Music hasn't got a music shop attached to it's cloud storage services, though one is rumored. Now all music must be uploaded to the Google Music Beta servers to be utilized with the service.

Once uploaded, the music is available to any Internet-connected device for streaming or download. Google currently provides storage for as much as twenty thousand songs free of cost. No pricing has been declared for the service once it comes out of beta.

Apple's iCloud service seems to be the most complete service announced until now. The free iCloud service guarantees 5GB of free storage and combines the benefits of the former Apple Mobile Me services, contacts, calendar and mail with iTunes in the cloud. It also may include storage for iOS backups, applications and a photograph stream service that mechanically uploads any photos you take or import on any of your devices, then wirelessly sends them to all your devices and PCs.

Apple recently revealed the pricing for further iCloud storage : 10, 20 or 50GB of further storage will be $2 per gb., each year.

An innovative feature of the iCloud service that will be exclusive to the iTunes iCloud store is iTunes match. For a $24.99 yearly fee (U.S. Only), iTunes will match any song in your library with a high-quality DRM free version if it exists in the iTunes catalogue, which has more than 18,000,000 songs.

It is undetermined if Apple will count those iTunes matches against the allotted storage. It might potentially add up to substantial savings compared to the pricing for competing services, depending on the size of your music library.

Nonetheless unlike the services related by Amazon and Google, the iCloud service does not permit you to stream music. Music must be downloaded from the iCloud service to the device you mean to listen on before it can be played.

Apple iCloud services should be available this autumn, concurrent with the releasing of iOS five.

Please keep in mind that many of these services are still in ongoing development and final services and pricing may change before their official release.

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