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What I've learned about twitter...

This has been my first full week on the twitter, and I've learned a few things.

First to my surprise twitter is very different from Facebook. On Facebook you have two options to connect with others, first by being "friends" meaning both parties can view the others' content and post. Or you can "like" someone (or something) who may never see anything you personal post. "Liking" someone on Facebook is about as close as it gets to "following" someone on twitter.

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The other element of twitter that is very different is the use of hashtags to connect people that otherwise may never connect. Reading the live tweets during a TVshow or football game is especially entertaining. Being strategic in how you hashtag your tweets is really the key to connecting with the people you'd like to connect with. Before I write out a tweet I do a little search to see what hashtags are popular and being used with similar content.

And lastly writing a good bio (or about me) on twitter is key to being discovered by people searching for what you are interested in. For example my current bio is 'Video and Motion Graphic Commercial Producer at Fox47 WSYM in Lansing' as someone using the advanced search feature in twitter hopefully they will search for the keywords in my bio and discover me.

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Posted in Web Design Post Date 02/27/2016