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Fashion Boutique Web Design

When you think of fashion boutiques, it brings to mind a certain aesthetic. Elegant backdrops, stylish yet tasteful accessories, and peerless taste. That is the visual effect we sought to convey in developing this fashion boutique web design . High style with a bit of sizzle. Clean, elegant design that can grace the pages of "Vogue" or take center stage in an elegant Paris boutique. Our "Folio" web design meets that standard, while serving as the perfect backdrop for beautiful jewelry or fashion accessories.

Often, when I create web design, I am trying to create a 'look and feel' that is reminiscent of a beautiful magazine layout. I want the website experience to feel like flipping the pages of a stylish magazine, with varied page layouts and stunning photography. In this case, I took a different approach. This fashion boutique web design had to create the feel of being in a trendy boutique that sells beautiful jewelry and accessories. In effect, it recreates the experience of browsing a well-appointed fashion boutique in a premium mall. This is a "look and feel" that would be perfectly appropriate for the jewelry boutique owner. The subtle use of color, light, and texture, suggests the experience of browsing the counters and aisles of a stylish boutique. The web design has style, and offers the perfect setting for jewelry or fashion accessories.

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One of the most important features of this web design is how it conveys a sense of lighting. Through the use of subtle color gradients, the web design is given depth, and provides 'spotlights' for the products and branding of the boutique. The lighting color can be changed from page to page to compliment the palette of jewelry and accessories shown on any given page. That attention to detail is a polishing touch appreciated by discerning consumers.

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