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Review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor have been nothing short of revolutionary for consumers. I know that user reviews often influence my decisions on where to dine and where to stay. But I also know that I read many an online review that has seemed far too negative, or far too positive, to be a true representation of a restaurant or resort.

Most, but not all, review sites do give a representative of a resort the opportunity to respond to a review. But, what are the best ways to go about that? Here's are 5 best practices for responding to online reviews:

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1. Be personal

Don't have a standard "Thank you for your comments," reply. Those reading the reviews will read many of them, and that kind of repetitive, automatic posting will be overlooked. I don't believe that responding to every review is beneficial. I think you respond to negative reviews, and the occasional stand-out positive reviews.

2. Be professional

This one should go without saying, but no matter how upset you may be about a review, you need to maintain professionalism. The owners of Amy's Baking Company caused a social media firestorm earlier this year with their reaction on social media to posts about their restaurant after it was featured on the TV show "Kitchen Nightmares." But the fact is, those owners had been writing unprofessional responses to reviews on Yelp for several years. If you want an example of what not to do, here is one of the tamer ones.

3. Apologize

No matter what the complaint might be, whether you find it to be unfounded or not, you need to say you're sorry. Your guest did have a negative experience, and you should be sorry for that.

4. Be specific

Quote from the review and address the issues if you can. If you can't address the issues and they aren't typical of your resort or restaurant, at least say that.

5. Analyze

Responding to reviews shouldn't stop with the marketing department, general manager or whomever is charged with that job. Be sure that reviews are being forwarded to people in the appropriate departments to take notice. If your place of business gets a lot of reviews, they should be analyzed for trends that may indicate places where the customer service is failing at your business.

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