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Zoho Sites Website Builder

If you're in business, you almost certainly need a website to showcase your services, reduce costs and expand your market unless perhaps your a corner shop satisfied with just serving your locale clientele.

The problem is most often obtaining a great website for your business means you need to invest lots of money on hiring a designer or alternatively investing a lot of money and time on learning how to build one for yourself. There are website builders you can use online, the problem is finding one that provides you with a high quality professional website with all the features you need, and an attractive, professional looking end result without you having to spend an exceptional amount of time building it.

Zoho solves these issues for you.
Zoho is a new easy to use website builder that you can use without having to learn anything about web design.
It is intuitive to use so you find yourself creating your site in a natural flow with very little thinking about what to do. Zoho uses a drag and drop system so you just find the elements or features you want to appear on your site and just drag them to where you want them to appear on your website.

Zoho comes with an extensive gallery of themes or designs to choose from so that you can easily manage the creation of a professional website for your company or organization.

In terms of features, you can easily add photos, videos, maps and blogs to your site. In addition, if you do know a bit of web design you can easily incorporate it on your site or use it to enhance your website.

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In addition, zoho comes with built in statistics and social networking icons for sharing with Facebook, twitter and other networks so your visitors can easily recommend your website to friends or colleagues.

You can use a 'proper' domain (website) name on zoho as well as use professional hosting services.

Because zoho is built on a dynamic database, you can easily adjusts and make sweeping changes to your site content for example if you have an e-Commerce shop with a catalog of goods, you don't have to change your product prices one by one, but instead you can easily import your catalog file to quickly and simply update all the product information on your website in just a few steps.

Another feature Zoho provides is a collection of pre-designed forms such as a contact form, survey forms etc. and you can build your own custom forms as well.

One great new feature I found impressive has to do with Zoho's integration with mobile devices. All Zoho designs are responsive, which means that if your customers view your website from a mobile phone or pad for example, your site adapts to the size of the device so your visitors always get to see a great view of your site no matter which device they are using to view it. This is great news for you since 1-in-5 users currently browse the internet through a mobile device and this is certain to rise in future. The great thing about this is you don't have to do anything whatsoever to make this work and give your visitors a great mobile device view of your products and services.

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Posted in Web Design Post Date 09/25/2015