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How to design a mobile web site

Having a website is essential to reinforce your presence in the world of Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Thanks to a mobile website potential customers can find your brand away from home, but also in a household context where recent statistics confirm that mobile devices are widely used.

Question: Why create a mobile website when you can design and sell an app? Creating an app is more complicated: you need a good developer, you have to create different versions of the app for several devices, you must publish the result in app stores online. And you have to update it with new features.

With a mobile website you do not have these problems and you can rely on one of the many online services. There are several alternatives on the market that allow you to build, design, customize, update and manage a mobile site.

But you have to have a clear strategy of what you want to achieve, and must focus on the objectives to be achieved. I propose some basic tips to create a mobile website that is really useful:

Think about Speed-Remember that users are "mobile". This means they are moving people, have little time to use your website and need to accomplish tasks quickly, without too many steps.

Do not replicate, Adapt-do not replicate the structure that you use on your desktop site. Choose only those elements that are important for your customers and your business, and organize them so that they are easily accessible.

Go beyond Smartphones-Smartphones are not the only type of cell phone. Many people still own a normal mobile phone with WAP or GPRS connectivity. Make sure your site is viewable even by older phones.

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Consolidates Your Brand-Using the same colors, font, background, and logo to use on your website. Make your customers feel immediately at home, and immediately recognize the characteristics of your brand.

Find facts-if you have a business with a physical location don't forget the map, address and a button "click-to-call" to call you with a single gesture.

Uses Large Lyrics-on the screens of mobile devices, usual, the letters are too small. Use a character that is quite big and defined, so that people can easily read your texts.

Shrink your images-the images make the difference on a website but must load quickly, avoid unnecessary zoom and fit to the size of mobile screens.

Easy navigation structure-Allow customers to navigate with a simple gesture. Avoids having to use the browser's controls, so that your site always occupy the entire screen height.

Be interactive-Uses QR codes or similar technology to direct customers to special offers, coupons and promotions to increase sales.

Try Everything-check the link, open the menu, review the texts. Make sure the site is perfectly visible both with the screen vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape).

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Posted in Web Design Post Date 10/24/2015