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Creating a website and waiting for business

Nothing is more frustrating for a business owner than creating a website and waiting for the business to arrive, and waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting. The truth of the matter is you need a way to encourage visitors to come to your website. In other words, you need a way to drive traffic to your site. If you're not seeing results and you aren't sure what's wrong then it's time to explore how your website is talking to Google.

Your Online Presence

My business, Scott Pitts Consulting, regularly prepares clients to engage in online commerce and helps them model business ideas based on proven techniques. In a recent interview, I was quoted concerning the importance of how your website shows up online.

Perhaps nothing is as important to a budding business as a solid online presence. If a website isn't built correctly, it can mean a business failure. Investing the time and energy to create a great website can be the difference in big success or big disappointments.

Im thankful when they quote the good stuff. Part of creating that great website I was talking about includes knowing how your site gets noticed by search engines.

Computers are interesting in the ways they communicate.

Like most modern-day technology, online communications, including the way your website talks to Google and other search engines, is based on a mathematical formula known as an algorithm.

Algorithms and Your Website

The algorithm that search engines use takes all sorts of things into account. In fact, there's not a lot about your site it doesn't pick up on. Everything from the colors and fonts you use to where you place and tag photos in your site will be scrutinized. Your job in creating a website to benefit your business is to make sure Google likes what it sees when it mysteriously visits your site. The better Google likes your site the higher it will rank it in searches pertaining to your topic or business.

You need to understand the algorithm changes regularly and no one outside of Google is really privy to exactly what their formula is seeking. What we do know is, historically, Google algorithms take certain factors pretty seriously and seem to give them top priority. Lets examine a few of these factors:


PageRank is information used by Google to rank websites and determine search engine results. You can think of PageRank as a way of measuring the importance of your website pages. It works by counting links and determining the quality of those links. Google assumes the more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites.

PageRank probably takes other criteria into account, such as the age of the page, as well.


Think of keywords as the words people type into the Google search box to find the information they need. If you want people to find your site based on certain keywords, you need to make sure those words, or sets of words, appear regularly and naturally in your website content. Dont overuse the words. Google doesn't like to be tricked. Its not nice to fool mother nature, or

Title Tags

As your website is designed, you or your web developer should title each page using keywords that your ideal clients will search for. Title tags are part of the HTML code that is written for each page. Google looks at title tags with great interest. So, as an example, don't title your page About Us. Instead, title it, About Competitive Racing in the Smokey Mountains.

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Links and Anchor Text

Links are those items within a webpage that can be clicked to take the reader to another page. Google loves links from other pages. The more links that point to your site from relevant other sites , the better. However, be careful of the practice of trading links with other businesses. If a site couldn't possibly have anything to do with what you are selling or promoting, Google is going to wonder why you bothered. They may even penalize you for too many links from sites that aren't logical. Again, Google is hard to trick.

Your Domain Name

Dont forget our section on choosing the right domain name. Remember, don't be cute. Dont use puns. Choose clear, concise keywords that are not easily misspelled.

Use the .com extension if you are a business, or an .org extension if you are a non-profit organization. Keep the domain name short and sweet, i.e. instead of If you can incorporate your location, simply , do so.


More than anything else, good content is the key to a high-ranking website. Write for people, use keywords at an appropriate ratio, and add quality, new content often. Make sure whatever you are writing is something people really want to read and that the information you provide is as accurate and precise as possible. If you have nothing else, having good content can push you up the Google ladder significantly.

While we are on the subject of content, heres another tip for you. Google likes to see black text on a white page and it's rumored they penalize sites for strange fonts and wild colors.

Thats the Basics

These tips on climbing the ladder on Google are by no means all inclusive. Thats why there are companies and specialist within companies that work full time on SEO.

Its a never-ending process of insuring your place in line on search engines for a number of reasons. For example, Google has been known to change it's mind, and algorithms change as often as every few weeks.

The bottom line is that you need to create a quality website and take good care of it. Nothing happens overnight. Seeing great results in search engine rankings takes time. Build your page correctly now and you'll be glad later.

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