Brian McClay & Associates Inc. is a global pulp market consulting firm with a large subscription base. In 2016 they hired Awaken Solutions Inc. to redesign their entire brand, including a brand new responsive website with secure client portal, a new logo and a new design for all monthly reports and presentations.

Subscriber portal

An entirely custom user permissions management system was designed and coded specifically for this client. The system allows the client to easily manage their website subscribers and to grant/revoke permissions to specific sections/files of the website on a per-user basis.


A user-friendly login system allows secure connections via secure SSL protocol. Subscribers who are not logged in, or who do not have the correct permissions to view the content, are denied access to specific pages.

Refreshed brand identity

Awaken Solutions Inc. worked closely with Brian McClay & Associates Inc. to develop a new brand identity that used a modern design, font and colour palate, while retaining their well-established and well-respected identity.

Several iterations of logo design were considered, ensuring that the original binoculars were retained, while a more clean and sharp image was projected. Subtle graphs and charts were used in the lenses as reference to the services offered by Brian McClay & Associates Inc.

Original Logo


New Logo


Modern framework

An entirely modern, responsive and secure framework was implemented, allowing the client to easily make changes to the content of their website anytime. The responsive nature of the website ensures that it adapts it’s layout depending on the device that is being used to view the website.


Our website is essential to our global subscription-based information business – it is how our clients receive their services in a secure and timely fashion. We needed to update and we are very happy to have chosen Awaken Solutions. They led us through every step of the process – from logo re-design to implementation of a secure and functional website. Throughout, they were extremely attentive to our needs, schedule and budget. You will not find better expertise and customer service!

– Manon Dumais, Director, Brian McClay & Associates Inc.