In 2014, Awaken Solutions was hired to build the new website and online coaching portal for Montreal-based insurance consulting firm Gradient Solutions.

Clean responsive website

The website design followed the company’s clean and professional look, and was done in a responsive way to ensure tablets and desktops had the same seamless user experience as desktop users.

Online coaching portal

Gradient Solutions offers an online coaching portal with access to eBooks, webinars, videos and interactive tools to help streamline and modernize insurance brokerages. Awaken Solutions built this system in an entirely secure and ergonomic way, ensuring easy access to all of the coaching tools on any device.

Online signup

Awaken Solutions built a secure online signup process, allowing customers to register and pay quickly and easily, and immediately gain access to the tools from the coaching level they had subscribed to. This registration process includes recurring billing annually, all handled automatically.

eBook promotion

To inform their customers and increase their user base, Gradient Solutions launched an eBook promotion in 2015 that allowed brokers to gain access to a new eBook on lean insurance methodologies free of charge by subscribing to the email list. Awaken Solutions built the interactive forms and associated document distribution technology needed for this successful campaign.


Awaken Solutions has been taking care of our website needs since day 1 and has truly helped us evolve and define who we are as a company. Their technical knowledge and attention to detail is unparalleled and they are always available at a moment’s notice. We look to working with strong collaborators and Awaken Solutions is absolutely a part of our team.

– Ann Marie Gloutney, Gradient Solutions