Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Make sure you’re seen

With Google AdWords®, you advertise to thousands of people who are searching specifically for what you offer, and only pay when they click.

We are Google AdWords® certified and will ensure you get new business.

Why SEO is not enough

There are many steps to ensuring your website ranks as highly as possible in search engines, as explained on our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) page.

Although it is a vital step, search engine optimization alone does not guarantee that your website will be seen by all the potential customers on the web. Reaching the top of Google’s results, or even the first page, is no easy task and involves intense competition with potentially thousands of other companies.

If your firm wishes to be proactive about attracting visitors to your website, advertising on the web is an important factor to implement. This is known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Implementing SEM

By implementing a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy, you ensure that regardless of your organic search engine rank, you will be seen at the top of Google search results through paid ads.

We Google AdWords® certified, which means we have a comprehensive understanding of the many features of Google AdWords® and the research required to build a successful campaign.

And the steps described for a successful SEO strategy (titles, tags, meaningful content) are equally important for improving the placement of your ads, since search engines want to ensure that relevant ads are displayed, and therefore ranks the ads accordingly.

Awaken Solutions SEM Package | $100/month

Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) package allows you to put pertinent advertisements in front of thousands of potential clients who are searching specifically for your services. All of this is done by our experts without you even needing to think about it. The package includes :

  • Complete creation and management of advertisements that will appear on Google searches when people search for keywords related to the services your organisation offers.
  • “A-B” testing to converge on ads that have the most success.
  • Testing via parameters related to your potential clients (location, language, browser).
  • Quarterly report on results (number of searches, number of clicks, Google costs).

*The monthly budget that you allocate to your ads is at your discretion and is not included in the monthly rate mentioned above. The number of ads that will appear for your organisation is proportional to your budget. Clients normally choose a monthly budget between $50 and $500 after discussing the topic with our professionals.

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